change now!

Great things come from small beginnings.

We once looked up...

at the stars, and imagined ourselves exploring the great unknown; going further than anyone had ever gone before. Our imagination breeds creativity. It makes us wonder, makes us dream, makes us think.


But those who forge their own path face their own challenges, their own hardships. We stumble, and fall. But we always manage to get back up again. Because we must never lose sight of what matters most: Our spark, passion, and drive. The fire that makes us who we are.


Throughout our journey we find people like us. People who share our vision, our focus, our goals. Together we check and redefine our limits to become better, stronger and smarter. All in a relentless pursuit to make something truly special:

An experience like no other.



And then... we do it all over again.

Snakeware creators of change.

We believe in giving back to our community:

The people who made change happen.

Several people played prominent parts in making our short movie 'change' happen, the new 'creators of change' line and the brilliant concept of putting 3 stories together in just 60 seconds with people who strive to do the extra mile. This all is made by two exceptionally creative persons, and dear friends, by the name of Susan Brakels and Willem Tiemersma, the owners of 2-Inch film productions.