HansBoodt QR Code

Hans Boodt Mannequins AR lets you virtually place Hans Boodt Mannequins in your environment or store.

The app uses QR codes to get the correct models.

The app uses 3D and true-to-scale models of Hans Boodt Mannequins.

The app gives you an accurate impression of the mannequins size, design and possible finishes.


To use the app:

>Open the app
>Scan a Hans Boodt QR code and wait for the download to complete
>When the download is finished, click on "Start scan"
>Make sure the room is well lit and hold your phone at waist level.
>Scan the floor by moving your device around the room.
>When you see the corners form a square, the app has enough referent points
>Click on 'Now select a mannequin' and select a mannequin.
>The mannequin is placed, you can move it using gestures or change the texture on it by clicking on the mannequin.